Programme overview

As we come closer to exceeding planetary boundaries, conducting business as usual is no longer an option. Companies face increasing pressure to adopt net zero strategies, embed ESG, and address urgent sustainability challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and waste, inequality, human rights, diversity and inclusion and local community development. To remain viable and thrive in the future, businesses must actively change, engaging in circular and sustainable strategic models.

To do this successfully, business leaders and managers must build literacy, knowledge and skills in sustainability, while constantly adapting to a complex and uncertain world.

We are planning an info session on this programme on May 17 at 12:15 – 12:45 pm (CEST, online). Please feel free to register with Daniela Zimmermann ( if you are interested.


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This Programme brings you up-to-date on the field of sustainability management, providing a powerful foundation from which to develop and implement practical and impact-focused sustainability strategies.

Your Benefit

You will leave with

  • the confidence to develop and implement robust sustainability management approaches in your business
  • comprehensive understanding of the business case for sustainability, including ESG, and how it applies to you
  • frameworks, methods and tools that will enable you to manage sustainability effectively and efficiently in your role
  • a certificate of participation in Sustainability Management for Business Excellence from the University of St.Gallen

Target group

This Programme provides a powerful foundation from which to develop and implement practical and impact-focused sustainability strategies.

This Programme is for you, if

  • you need a comprehensive overview of key issues and trends driving sustainability management and build a deep understanding of sustainability management
  • you want to understand the business case for sustainability, including an ESG focus
  • you are in a leadership position or management role and need support in connecting sustainability to the core activities of your business
  • you need to build up frameworks, tools and skills for tackling sustainability challenges in your business.

Program structure

This Programme consists of four in-person days at the University of St. Gallen, divided into four modules. These include an introduction to sustainability, the business case for sustainability, managing sustainability and ESG, and leading sustainability. A key element of this Programme is peer exchange.



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