For the second time, the Law & Management Department of the Executive School held the diploma ceremony for several executive education programmes jointly. Thanks to their modular structure, all the courses provide the highest degree of flexibility for individual executive education. This means that a participant can start and therefore also conclude a course with each individual module. The diploma ceremony in honour of all graduates from the various branches of executive education took place on the Executive Campus of the University of St.Gallen.

We were pleased to award certificates (CAS), diplomas (DAS) and the degree of an Executive Master to a total of 86 participants in the following courses:

  • Certified Global Negotiator (CGN-HSG)
  • Compliance Management (CM-HSG)
  • Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG)
  • Business Law for Managers (WRM-HSG)

In good spirits and dressed to suit the occasion, the graduates arrived on the Executive Campus and were warmly welcomed by the Law & Management team. This year, too, they were all evidently pleased to meet each other again, in keeping with the motto: meet old friends, make new ones, and celebrate together.

The official part was opened with an original and highly amusing speech by the Academic Director, Prof. Dr. Leo Staub. This year’s guest speaker was Brigitta M. Gadient, former member of the National Council (Bourgeois Democratic Party) and Chairwoman of the Federal Council’s Committee. Ms Gadient provided the audience with exciting insights with her highly topical address on the question, “What effects will digitalisation have on Switzerland’s economy and society?” The perfect musical background to the ceremony was provided by the “Trio Wolkenlos”, which consists of Bruno “Büsch” Büchi (vocals), Paul Eberle (keyboard) and Leo Staub (bass guitar). One selected participant from each course gave a moving and entertaining speech, which offered an insight into the experience of everyday life during the course and into what participants had learnt during that time. Dr. Bruno Mascello, Vice-Director and board member of the LaMa Association (Law & Management), congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their courses on behalf of the board, looked at the future ahead and the advantages of being part of the alumni network, and also looked back on the association’s activities to date.

After the ceremonial part, a stand-up aperitif was served with a wealth of culinary delights. This provided further opportunities for a casual exchange of ideas and experience among all the graduates. After the main course, the most topical daily news from home and abroad was read out almost on time: Urs Welter reported on current “World Affairs in Switzerland” with a sharp tongue, a great deal of humour and political (in)correctness.

The delicious dessert may have concluded the official part of the event, but no one was thinking about going home just yet. As expected, the graduates showed again this year that they were not only able to work and learn hard, but were also willing to play hard. More than half of them joined the after-diploma celebration in a hip club in St.Gallen, where the last ones continued to celebrate up to and into the morning hours! This was not only a well-deserved, but a crowning and befitting end to an outstanding diploma celebration!

Once again, the entire Law & Management team would like to congratulate all graduates of 2018 on their success!


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Tanja Widemann Office Manager Law & Management /Director CGN Programme


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