Does everyone, regardless of age, background, gender, have the same prospects for a versatile, enriching career?

Our analyses as part of the Diversity Benchmarking suggest that we are not yet ready to speak of truly equal opportunities in terms of mobility and career advancement. Anyone under 40 is in demand and has a good chance of getting a new job or a promotion. Does this apply equally to men and women? Year after year, our analyses show us that traditional role expectations combined with corresponding framework conditions (e.g. expensive childcare, short maternity leave) have a detrimental effect on the career development of many women. A reduction in employment percentage has been shown to have a negative impact on promotion opportunities. But what about the fundamental fairness of promotion practices? What are the elements that determine a person’s promotion to a higher level in the hierarchy? With our current study “Promotions to Management Position” we want to create transparency and understand correlations – share your experience with us as well and take part in our survey.

The results will be published in the Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report in September 2021.

This year’s Diversity Benchmarking with a focus on “Gender plus” will provide us with further insights: What were the (divergent) career paths of men and women last year? Is our assumption correct that women advance via external recruitment while men get ahead via internal promotions? At what age do men and women take the relevant career steps? And what influence does the Corona crisis have for the careers of the two genders?

If you would like to learn more about this topic for yourself and your company, take part in our benchmarking study and register here!



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