The Executive School is proud that we were able to present our joint initiative ‘Offers for Migrants’ with our cooperation partner HEKS MosaiQ at the HEKS – Hilfswerk der Evangelisch-reformierten Kirche Schweiz Festival in Bern. The response was overwhelming – we were deeply moved by the great interest, enthusiasm and excitement generated by this partnership.

‘Offers for Migrants’ is an initiative of the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) that offers selected continuing education programmes free of charge to refugees with a university degree who live in Switzerland. With this initiative, the HSG fulfils its social responsibility as an educational institution and makes an active contribution to equal opportunities and diversity & inclusion. All information about the initiative can be found here.

By taking part in the internationally respected and recognised continuing education programmes, participants can gain professional orientation and build up valuable networks. We are convinced that these networks play a decisive role in their integration into the Swiss labour market and help the participants to successfully shape their professional development in Switzerland.

Since the start of the initiative in January 2023, 61 refugee migrants have expressed an interest in the programme. 22 people (13 women and 9 men) have fulfilled all application requirements and have been accepted into 15 programmes. The participants’ countries of origin are diverse. Most participants come from Ukraine, but people from Afghanistan, Turkey and Belarus are also represented.

Special thanks go to Vladyslav Hrynevskyi, who openly and authentically described his impressions as a participant in the initiative. His words inspired us all and reminded us why this work is so important.

We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey, especially our cooperation partner HEKS MosaiQ Ostschweiz and the team led by Natalie Strässle Baumann, Myriam Städler and Ursina Dumelin. Since 2017, they have been connecting qualified people with international qualifications, promoting their talents and supporting them with diploma recognition and professional integration.

Many thanks for the excellent collaboration.


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