It is impossible to imagine our everyday lives without digital transformation. We live in a hybrid world where the boundaries between directly experienced and digital methods are becoming increasingly blurred. The development of AI in companies and our society is becoming the central issue here. Data is taking on a new meaning, new jobs are being created while existing ones are being lost and new digital business models are emerging. These developments pose a key challenge to companies and the leaders responsible for them: namely, combining human capabilities with emerging technologies.

Yukkiko Kobayashi’s expertise addresses this global challenge and focuses on the combination of human capabilities and AI. According to Kobayashi, companies and leaders are currently required to retrain, which promotes the learning of new needed skills and revives essential pre-existing human traits.

“Changes driven by AI start with the acceptance of humanity” says Kobayashi. It is the critical task of leaders to apply empathy and passion in the transformation process toward employees so that acceptance can emerge among employees. The personal mindset of managers is the key factor for effective development within the company. AI should be presented internally to employees as a future full of possibilities and opportunities, rather than uncertain change. This reduces potential fears and ambiguities in the company and creates space for the establishment of a culture of error. Accordingly, the mindset of leaders is essential for creating a foundation of trust among employees towards AI to establish innovative thinking patterns in companies.

The “Personal Impact Mission” by Yukkiko Kobayashi conveys a very important insight: AI can optimize, but not create something new. Human skills, such as creativity and emotionality, will become increasingly important in the long term. AI cannot replace either in the long term because only humans themselves understand the needs of humanity.

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