We are pleased to announce that the University of St.Gallen has achieved an outstanding result in the recently published Financial Times Executive Education Ranking. Custom Programmes (company-specific programmes) achieved the best ranking worldwide to date with 20th place. The FT Custom Programmes Ranking evaluates programmes that have been specially developed for companies.

In addition, Open Programmes (programmes for individuals) achieved 15th place worldwide and a place in the top 10 in the ‘goals achieved’ category. The FT Open Programmes Ranking combines the more than 200 open programmes for individuals offered by the Executive School and the institutes of the University of St.Gallen into a single assessment.

The annual analyses by the Financial Times are regarded worldwide as a benchmark for academic and professional excellence. The results underline the global positioning of the University of St.Gallen in executive education and provide valuable insights into the external perception of its programmes. This year, the number of universities included in the FT ranking has risen to 90 for Custom Programmes and 80 for Open Programmes.

Read the detailed results of the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings 2024 here.

Learn more about all ranking results of the University of St.Gallen.


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