Program in Luxury Management

Become a successful executive in professional luxury management of the future.
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Luxury management program
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Programme overview

Become a successful executive in professional luxury management of the future. Strengthen your management skills holistically and prepare for your next career steps in this 9-day Programme in Luxury Management. The international high-end industry is facing significant challenges but also offers immense opportunities. Understand the essence of luxury in modern societies and learn to read today’s trends and address tomorrow’s topics. In times of social media, e-commerce, and sustainability, complete your knowledge of current strategic concepts in high-end markets, target group definitions, and creative positioning. Discover ways to implement your newly gained skills in the context of practical case studies and personal dialogue in two modules based in St.Gallen and Paris. Lastly, you will benefit from the latest research from one of Europe’s leading business schools.

Amongst other topics, we will discuss business modelling in high-end markets: corporate portfolio management, innovative consumer target grouping, major branding strategies, and positioning. We invite you to enrich your marketing-mix toolbox regarding high-end product systems, brand communications in times of new social sensitivities, pricing policies, and complex multi-channel distribution.

After completing the program, participants will receive a certification from the University of St.Gallen.

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Frank Mueller


Programme details

Programme type







9 days (2 modules)


St.Gallen, Paris


CHF 9'800

Target group

C-Level, Functional Manager, Functional Specialist, High Potential, Owner/Entrepreneur, Senior Manager

Next date

Start date: 09.10.2023
places available

Target Audience

The Programme in Luxury Management addresses experienced managers and high-potential professionals across all sectors who work in high-end related occupations or intend to do so. It is an executive education course for professionals who have a passion for their work and would like to deepen their expertise in high-end further. There are no requirements regarding previous qualifications.

Application Criteria

Admission to the course is at the discretion of the program director. They will consider your professional background, qualifications, and completed training. An academic university-level degree or qualification is not a precondition of admission.

Our intensive courses are often fully booked well in advance; we recommend contacting us immediately. Making a reservation is the best way to secure a place with no obligation to proceed and also gives you time to make any internal organizational arrangements.

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Your Benefit

Benefits for your personal development:

  • Deepen your knowledge about the status and outlook of the high-end industry as well as luxury management to master the business environment’s increasing complexity.
  • Refine your professional and personal skill set and build a jumping board for your professional advancement.
  • Boost your efficacy and efficiency through tried-and-tested tools.
  • Exchange experiences with other luxury business managers from various sectors and embrace the opportunity to expand your network.

Benefits for your company:

  • Secure long-term profitability and growth for your company with the concepts, methods, and tools you need to develop sustainable strategies.
  • Professionalize the work of your teams.
  • Apply what you learn directly to the challenges your company faces.
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Goals & Programme structure

During two intensive learning modules and exchange at the IMC-HSG, you will gain future-focused impetus for your professional evolution in strategic and operational luxury management. The Program for Luxury Management will prepare you to understand the global high-end business better and successfully use your newly acquired knowledge and skills to benefit your company.

  • Familiarize yourself with modern luxury, prestige, or premium branding concepts that will support your strategic decision-making process.
  • Learn to assess how changing consumer values, technological progress, demographics, and globalization may affect your business and prepare your company for likely scenarios.
  • Update your knowledge on current market developments and drivers of innovation.
  • Get acquainted with the future high-end consumers.
  • Receive insights about business operations such as managing value chains, organizations, funding, budgeting, and controlling processes.
  • You will also complete transfer projects to apply what you learn during the PLM in your company.

The framework

  • Definitions and concepts of high-end brands, products, and services
    • Classical definitions and concepts
    • The Summit-Brand-Matrix
  • Societies and consumers
    • High-end consumption as a social phenomenon
    • Societies and consumers today and tomorrow – business implications
  • The high-end industry: status and outlook
    • Industries, product categories, markets: trends and scenarios
    • High-end between past and future: e.g., tradition versus innovation; start-ups in high-end; digital transformation and the internet of things; blockchain and NFTs
    • International best practice case studies

Strategic decision-making in high-end

  • Intercorrelations and dynamics in strategic decision making
  • Corporate brand portfolios
  • Positioning
    • Classical positioning
    • Positioning in high-end
  • Consumers and target groups
    • Understanding the customer: market research and consumer insights
    • Concepts of consumer and target group definitions

Company visits

Participants’ forum


  • Products and services:
    • Systems: multi-category offerings
    • Single categories: e.g., product pyramids, long-term product planning
    • Product lifecycles: incorporating pre-used and pre-owned products (e.g., vintage, second-hand)
    • The new prerequisites: e.g., sustainability, fair trade
  • Communications
    • Multi-channel communication in high-end
    • Mastering the new public sensitivity: e.g., cancel culture, #metoo, luxury in a turbulent world
    • Management of social media
    • Trends in corporate design
  • Strategic price management and price image
    • Pricing models
    • Cost accounting in high-end
    • Controlling discounting, overstocks, and parallel markets
  • Distribution: managing omnichannel distribution
    • Market selections
    • Distribution modes: e.g., online versus offline distribution; owned versus not owned distribution
  • Business modelling
    • Company evaluation
    • Budgeting and controlling
    • Funding
  • Organization: structures and processes
    • Value chains and product management
    • Marketing management control

Company visits

Participants’ forum


Academic Directors Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke and Dr. Frank Müller have the academic lead. They will ensure the high academic quality and practical applicability of all program content, orchestrate the flow of the lectures and workshops and ensure that state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods are applied.

  • Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer, Director of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
  • Prof. Dr. Jana Gross, Professor at KEDGE Business School Bordeaux
  • Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke, Director of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel, Professor at the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
  • Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens, Director of the Institute for Business Administration (IfB-HSG)
  • Prof. Dr. Felicitas Morhart, Professor at HEC Lausanne
  • Dr. Silke Borgstedt, CEO SINUS Markt- und Sozialforschung GmbH
  • Dr. Michaela Merk, Global Keynote and TEDx Speaker
  • Payal Cerri, Founder Sarayu Consulting
  • Frank-Michael Müller, Founder Responsio GmbH
  • Leonie Flückiger, Co-Founder Adresta AG
  • Dr. Josef Frischeisen, Managing Partner at The Transformation Group
  • François Moreau, Founder & CEO Reservoir Watches
  • Dr. Frank Müller, Founder & CEO The Brigde To Luxury TBTL
  • Tim Sayler, Chief Marketing Officer bei Breitling
  • Aurel Bacs, Senior Consultant at Phillips / Bacs & Russo & Auctioneer

Please check the course website for most up-to date information on speakers and lecturers

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