With “Offers for migrants”, the University of St.Gallen offers selected executive education programmes free of charge for refugee migrants with a university degree who live in Switzerland. With this initiative, the HSG is fulfilling its social responsibility as an educational institution and making an active contribution to equal opportunities and diversity & inclusion.


The intention for this initiative has been around for a long time, but since the outbreak of war in Ukraine it has gained special attention, a perspective of concern and urgency. The pictures and videos of Ukrainians who fled and had to leave their loved ones and their belongings behind in a flash went around the world, sometimes in real time – these images have been with us for many months now and still touch us deeply.


The willingness at the HSG to make an active contribution to providing individual support to refugees with selected executive education programmes took shape after these events.

The aim of the “Offers for migrants” initiative is to provide refugee migrants with a university degree who live in Switzerland with access to top-quality executive education so that they can shape a better future.

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Target groups: Who is this offer designed for?

Who can apply for the free executive education programmes? At the beginning, the focus was still on the target groups of well-educated Ukrainians. In the spirit of equal opportunities, which is about the equal distribution of opportunities, the HSG is expanding its executive education programmes to include “refugee migrants with a university degree who live in Switzerland”. Provided that the following requirements are met, migrants registered in Switzerland (with the N, S, B, F ID cards) can submit an application via our HSG Executive Education Consultant:

Application requirement

  • proven university degree,
  • at least 5 years of professional experience (in home and/or host country),
  • fulfilment of the respective programme requirements,
  • availability of places,
  • very good language skills (German/English depending on the programme),
  • 100% attendance at the programme (refund in case of non-attendance, except in justified cases with a medical certificate).
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Application process:

1. either via the HSG Executive Education Consultant or

If all formal criteria of the defined requirements are met, the application can be clarified individually EXCLUSIVELY in a free counselling interview via our Executive Education Consultant, Judith Witzemann. Note: The respective programme director decides on the final admission.

2. about our cooperation partner – HEKS MosaiQ

The specialist agency for qualified migrants – HEKS MosaiQ – has been acquired as a cooperation partner. HEKS MosaiQ participants can also take advantage of the selected HSG executive education programmes.

HEKS MosaiQ has been networking well-qualified people with international degrees since 2017, promoting their talents and supporting them with diploma recognition and professional integration. HEKS MosaiQ exists in Aargau, Bern, Zurich, and Eastern Switzerland.

#BU & InstituteProgramme nameProgramme numberTypeLanguage
1ES-OEWomen Back to Business1CASEnglish
Aiming Higher – Women’s Leadership Programme2SeminarEnglish
2FAA-HSGCAS Strategische Personalführung3CASGerman
3ES-HBMLeadership Development Programm4DASGerman
4ICIChange & Innovation Management Programm5CASGerman
5ICMSales Executive HSG6DASGerman
Marketing Executive HSG7DASGerman
Intensivstudium Sales Management8CASGerman
Intensivstudium für Maketingmanagement9CASGerman
6IFBSelf-Management and Resilience10SeminarEnglish
7IFPMLeading with Energy and Focus11SeminarEnglish
St. Galler Leadership-Zertifikat12CASGerman
8IVWFit for Insurance13SeminarGerman or English
9KMUIntensivstudium KMU14DASGerman
St. Galler Management Seminar für KMU15CASGerman
Führungskompetenz KMU16SeminarGerman
10ES-LAMWirtschaftsrecht für Manager (WRM)17CASGerman
Compliance Management (CM-HSG)18CASGerman
Certified Global Negotiator (CGN-HSG)19CASGerman
Das Law & Management Programm CAS-HSG (LM-HSG)20CASGerman
Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG)21CASGerman
Managing Privacy and Data Security – Data Protection Officer (DPO-HSG)22CASEnglish

The respective business units and institutes of the University of St.Gallen participate in different forms either:

  • by a fixed place account per year,
  • by a fixed total quota over several years or
  • on a case-by-case basis based on the individual participant profile

in the initiative “Offers for migrants”.

Notes: The available places per executive education programme are only available from our Executive Education Consultant. The selected executive education programmes of this initiative are financed by the participating programme areas themselves.

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Current figures on migration in 2022

The reasons why people migrate are manifold. In many cases, people decide to move to another country of their own free will, but often they have to take this step because of an emergency. The United Nations currently estimates that there are 281 million international migrants (3.6% of the world’s population), approximately 55 million internally displaced persons and more than 26 million refugees worldwide. On 18 December, International Migrants Day, the United Nations recognises the contribution of migrants around the world who face many challenges, including stigma, inequality, xenophobia, and racism.

People behind the “Offers for migrants” initiative

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from left to right:
Natalie Strässle Baumann (HEKS MosaiQ, management & counselling), Judith Witzemann (ES-HSG, executive education consultant), Dr Christina Vetsch (ES-HSG, initiator), Myriam Städler (HEKS MosaiQ, counselling & programme collaboration), Ursina Dumelin (HEKS MosaiQ, counselling & programme collaboration)