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As one of the world’s leading business schools, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) offers internationally distinguished degree and executive education programmes in the fields of business administration, economics, law, social sciences and international relations.

Postgraduate executive education has a long tradition at the HSG. We have been offering executive education courses in the fields of management, law and economics for 70 years. Since 2005, the Executive School of Management, Technologies and Law (ES-HSG) has been the portal for all of the HSG’s executive education programmes. Its interdisciplinary organisation, network of excellent professors and its direct links to companies make it a unique place of knowledge.

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Holzweid Executive Campus HSG

Overview of the degrees

At the University of St.Gallen, you will receive access to a select portfolio of executive education programmes, with a diverse curriculum and up-to-date expert knowledge of high practical relevance taught on the basis of academic research. Tailored to the needs and goals of professionals in all positions, the Executive School offers flexible programme types with possibilities for expansion which can be arranged and combined individually. All programmes are designed to offer professional development for employees and executives, but they can also open up possibilities for career development. We offer the following programme formats. You will find more detailed information below.

  • MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Master
  • Diploma Programmes (DAS, Diploma of Advanced Studies)
  • Certificate Programmes (CAS, Certificate of Advanced Studies)
  • Short Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Custom Programmes

Find the programme type that suits you. Most of those that we offer do not require a Bachelor’s degree, meaning that with the HSG’s range of courses, you can gain new perspectives at any stage in your career. We will gladly provide you with information regarding specific admissions criteria.

Master’s Programmes – Master of
Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the HSG is a general business school training programme for interested students who already have a Bachelor’s degree. It leads to an academic degree (MBA). You can choose to complete our MBA as a full-time programme, or part-time alongside your career. The goal of the programme is to train highly skilled executives on the basis of an interdisciplinary and integrative model of study. The courses will teach you, among other things, knowledge relevant to real-world practice in the fields of corporate finance, global business environment, leadership, marketing and communications, supply chain management and strategy.

The Executive MBA Programmes (EMBA) at the HSG are aimed at participants who already have several years of leadership experience and wish to expand their business administration knowledge and skills. Our HSG MBA, which we have been offering since 1987, is the first programme of its kind in German-speaking Europe. Our comprehensive EMBA programmes allow you to specialise in general topics and sector-specific issues – and prepare for national as well as international challenges. You can also benefit from the network you will create via our programme, which has the potential to accompany you for the rest of your life and facilitate important contacts.

The HSG’s MBA and EMBA programmes are available in English or German. They comprise at least 60, though usually 75 ECTS credits. All of the HSG’s Executive Master’s programmes are designed to be pursued alongside your career. As a graduate of one of the HSG’s MBA or Executive MBA programmes, the door to the University of St.Gallen’s alumni society, with more than 20,000 active members, will be open to you.

Graduation Ceremony with Caps und Gowns
Graduation Ceremony with Caps & Gowns
Lernsituationen Diplom
Learning situations Diploma (DAS)

Diploma Programmes – Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

With the diploma programmes at the University of St.Gallen, you will delve into a new range of subjects, and receive a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) for successful participation. One DAS course normally consists of 30 to 40 ECTS credits, which corresponds to 900 to 1,200 hours of study. In the University of St.Gallen’s distinguished Diploma of Advanced Studies programmes, you will become thoroughly acquainted with a subject, while, thanks to our flexible and comprehensive course programme, you can complete a business school diploma programme alongside your career. Of course, you will also benefit from the strong network of our top-class participants and graduates.

Certificate Programmes – Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

With the University of St.Gallen’s CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) programmes, you can acquire new skills through compact executive education courses. You will profit from the first-rate instruction of our renowned faculty and the unique economic location along the German-Swiss border. Students will meet committed participants in our manager seminars. This will allow you to productively expand your network – and take advantage of new career opportunities in German-speaking Europe and internationally.

When it comes to your choice of CAS courses, the University of St.Gallen offers a selection of thematic focuses. You will find a large range of German- and English-language courses in the fields of general management and strategy, finance and controlling, leadership, marketing and sales, and law. Plan how you wish to acquire your certificates in a modular manner, geared to your specific demands and sector. Use these additional qualifications for your personal success – and to make a productive contribution to society through clever business.

Our certificate programmes normally equate to 10 to 15 ECTS credits. This means that a workload of 300 to 450 hours is required to attain a Certificate of Advanced Studies at the University of St.Gallen. It is often possible to receive credit for advanced diploma programmes or Executive MBA programmes.

CAS Programme oeffnen neue Perspektiven
CAS Programmes offer new perspectives
Lernsituationen LeoStaub
CAS Programmes offer new perspectives

Short Seminars at the Business School – the Focused Update

Ourshort seminars allow you to familiarise yourself with new fields of knowledge within the framework of a very compact course type. They will permit you to come into contact with new subjects while simultaneously expanding your existing knowledge. Our short seminars in the fields of management, law, technology and economics grant you a concise look into the most recent research findings and, as manager seminars, can serve as an introduction to a new topic area. They are an efficient “update” for employees and executives, which promise success within just a few days.

CAS, DAS or MBA? We Can Help!

At the University of St.Gallen, you will be instructed by leading researchers internationally recognised as experts in their fields. You will complete your executive education in St.Gallen, the economic hub of eastern Switzerland, receiving access to interesting career opportunities, valuable contacts and a multitude of practice-related projects in the process.

If you are looking for top-flight executive management education in Switzerland, we will be glad to help you to select the right courses for you. These can be viewed in our programme guide. We can also assist you with questions regarding our executive education programmes, such as the Certificates of Advanced Studies and MBA or EMBA. Let us give you programme-neutral information. We can help you to choose the right executive education programme for you, and can highlight synergies between courses that will bring you closer to your personal goals.

Furthermore, if you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of St.Gallen, you can find information about Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes here.

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ECTS Credits: What are They?

The Swiss Rectors’ Conference has precisely stipulated the workload required for completing executive education (CAS, DAS, MAS). This is quantified by a minimum of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits necessary for the completion of each degree. One ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 hours of study.