Research and Instruction: From Insight to Impact

Up to date, research-based and practical – from insight to impact. At the University of St.Gallen, cutting-edge research and committed instruction go hand in hand – to sustainably promote your personal development. At the same time, we will show you ways to create economic and social value on your own. This creed guides us as a holistic educational institution aware of its power to change society.

As a research-based business university, the HSG gives students and participants in executive education a broad spectrum of practical knowledge. An interdisciplinary approach and a holistic perspective are some of the University of St.Gallen’s guiding principles – our wide range of opportunities places equal emphasis on the fields of management, technology and law. The internationally recognised St.Gallen Management Model stems from a long tradition; the HSG promotes the systematic networking of all disciplines in order to implement its interdisciplinary and integrative approach to teaching management successfully.

Responsible and committed – as a university-level educational institution, the University of St.Gallen’s academic interests revolve around people and society. Our faculty unites expertise and a consistent orientation towards the applicability of scientific knowledge in a way highly relevant to real-world practice. Responsible business culture, ecological sustainability and new concepts for modern business ethics are the focus of substantial research projects.

Prominent personalities from Swiss business support the practice-oriented research and continuing education at the Executive School, for example at the Henri B. Meier Entrepreneurship School or at the chair of Prof. Johannes Binswanger, which is financially supported by Dr. Josef Ackermann.

Interdisciplinary Approach and Networking in Instruction and Executive Education

For modern academia, an interdisciplinary approach is both a catalyst and a challenge. New procedures and methods, increasing amounts of data and unprecedented technological possibilities continue to drive the production of knowledge. Technological change is opening up countless opportunities for people and society, opportunities which, however, require certain abilities. These developments are the foundation for newly developing academic research dedicated to the most important questions of this day and age – research which must be implemented in the form of practicable educational concepts.

In line with its traditional aspirations, the HSG seeks a holistic approach to scientific questions in order to generate practice-oriented findings. Our range of executive education courses teach specialised as well as general knowledge through the consistent inclusion of current topics.

The multitude of our faculty’s research work, as well as the flexibility of our courses, set the standard for new research. This unique academic atmosphere leads to an impressive range of scientific projects, attracting committed researchers from all over the world to the University of St.Gallen.

Workshop HSG Highlights
Workshop HSG Highlights
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Top Research and First-Class Instruction

“Teach what you research” – at the HSG, we put this creed into practice by placing equal emphasis on promoting both instruction and basic and applied research. In our executive education programmes, you will come into contact with many interesting practical projects which will inspire you and drive forward your personal development. On the foundations of an interdisciplinary academic culture, you will benefit from new perspectives and the strong network of our international faculty.

The professors and employees of the University of St.Gallen will introduce you to a unique selection of executive education courses – offering you access to current research topics and both the university and business networks related to your field. You can participate in certificate programmes (Certificate of Advanced Studies) and diploma programmes or purse a specialised postgraduate degree such as an MBA or Executive MBA. Our Executive School will also allow you to “update” your subject- or sector-related knowledge through systematically designed short seminars and conferences with expert practitioners. Our faculty’s flexible, internationally-oriented programmes will offer you special possibilities, ensuring you can enhance your career profile and participate in current academic debates. Let yourself be inspired!

Applied Research Topics at the Executive School

At the Executive School, our mission is to translate research findings into directly applicable insights for our participants in executive education. This is decisively supported by two foundation personalities to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude: At the chair of Dr. Josef Ackermann, Prof. Johannes Binswanger and his team are researching how companies and politicians can be supported in making good decisions. The Henri B. Meier Entrepreneurship School supports entrepreneurial and personal growth with its executive education programmes. Learn more about the application-oriented research at the Executive School.

St.Gallen Executive Education Report

The Report examines how firms may simultaneously develop firm-wide strategic thinking, organisational capabilities, and individual top managers.

Law & Management

The business area Law & Management offers a platform for topics arising around the interface of law and business management.

HBM School of Entrepreneuers

The Henri B. Meier School of Entrepreneurs aims to promote and train senior executives from established technology companies in order to provide new stimuli for growth. This includes business growth and personal growth of the executives.