Do you feel like taking a really flexible executive education course tailored to your very personal requirements? To secure not only your employability, but above and beyond this also an option for a university Executive Master’s degree? If so, Law & Management is the right place for you.

With our new programme structure, we provide you with long-term support in your professional development – you determine the speed and scope, and we supply the contents. With our newly structured range of courses, you are able to tailor your executive education individually and precisely to your current situation in life and your very personal requirements – in terms of time, contents and qualification. Specifically, this means: you can start a course with us at any time, extend your executive education continually or interrupt it some time, devote yourself to a new topic and try out something else.

In addition, you have the option to comfortably extend the executive education units you have completed at Law & Management – from an individual module, CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) and DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) – to the degree of an Executive Master of Law & Management (EM LM-HSG) (to be awarded an Executive Master’s degree, you will have to hold a first university degree).

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Complete flexibility in terms of time – start and extension possible at any time
  • Individual configuration of contents – free choice of topics
  • Brief programmes of a consistently modular structure
  • The ECTS points collected at Law & Management can be fully credited to an Executive Master’s degree (EM LM-HSG)
  • Part-time life-long learning made easy without having to make one-off and major decisions

You can choose from among the following topics, which we will extend continually:

  • Business Law for Managers (WRM-HSG)
  • Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG)
  • Certified Global Negotiator (CGN-HSG)
  • Compliance Management (CM-HSG)
  • Managing Privacy and Data Security – Data Protection Officer (DPO-HSG)
  • Systemic Group Dynamics

The executive education programmes of Law & Management at the Executive School of the University of St.Gallen enable you prepare comfortably and gradually for current and coming developments in professional life. In this way, you will sustainably secure your future professional prospects if you extend your knowledge and competencies continually, systematically and purposefully.

We at Law & Management conceive of ourselves as a trustworthy partner by your side and are looking forward to accompanying you on your exciting executive education journey.


Has this excited your curiosity, or if you are already an alumna/alumnus of Law & Management, has it whetted your appetite for more? You can find more details here or contact our Programme Manager Nadia Stauffacher,, 071 2247518

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