An Unparalleled Journey in Executive Leadership Mastery
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Programme overview

Embark on ELEVATE, a transformative executive education programme designed for experienced managers and directors eager to redefine their leadership approach. This innovative programme, ideal for those with 10 to 15 years of leadership experience, blends practical, application-focused learning with insights from top-rated HSG leadership faculty and accomplished executive leaders. ELEVATE goes beyond traditional teaching methods, focusing on holistic and effective leadership development through a combination of two dynamic on-site retreats and interactive virtual application phases.

A standout feature of ELEVATE is the integration of wearable technology, such as the Oura Ring, to enhance participants’ physical and mental well-being. This approach empowers leaders to improve health, optimize sleep, and manage stress effectively, all while engaging in practical experiments and health coaching. Alongside this, the programme offers a unique executive mentoring component, where seasoned leaders share their insights and experiences, providing invaluable guidance and support. These sessions offer a practical platform for participants to apply and integrate their learnings in real-world scenarios.

Completing the ELEVATE programme opens the doors to the exclusive Next Level Leaders Community, a network that offers continuous growth opportunities through peer coaching, health and well-being support, and access to ongoing leadership development resources. ELEVATE is not just a learning journey; it’s a commitment to personal and professional transformation, equipping leaders with the tools and community support to excel and enact meaningful change in their organizations.

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Sarah Lenz Head of Operational Excellence Open Programmes

Programme details

Programme type



Presence and online




Two 3 Days Retreats + Online Sessions over 4 months


Stoos, Schwyz and SQUARE/WBZ, St.Gallen and Online


CHF 15'750 excl. accomodation

Target group

Functional Manager, Senior Manager, Team Leader

Next date

Spring 2025

Your Key Benefits

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Experienced Academic & Executive Faculty

.. to facilitate our practical and application-focused approach

We bring together top-rated HSG leadership faculty with top executive leaders. Our aim is to train, inspire and stretch participants on their own leadership challenges to grow as holistic and effective leaders. We focus on practical application during an on-site retreat, together with two virtual application & integration phases.

Executive Mentoring

.. is at the core of our learning

Top executive leaders will share their professional experiences with participants during on-site and virtual sessions. This is an opportunity to embed learnings in an ongoing manner. The executives aim to advise and support participants to bring their envisioned change into their daily lives.

Wearable Technology

.. enhances leaders physical and mental well-being and performance

Improve health and well-being through higher body intelligence. Working with their own ‘Oura Ring’, participants are encouraged to focus on boosting their own health, optimise sleep and navigate stress in a healthier manner. Participants create practical experiments and de-brief results within facilitated positive health coaching.

ELEVATE Community

.. with many ongoing executive wisdom pools in 2024 after the reatreats

Graduation from the two retreats qualifies as admission to our ELEVATE Community. Here access is granted to ongoing peer-coaching, health & wellbeing coaching, executive mentoring and ongoing opportunities to develop further as an executive leader.


ELEVATE LearningJourney

Learning Journey & Course Dates

This programme is structured in 5 Parts:

  • ELEVATE Yourself Retreat

  • Integration Phase I (3 sessions)

  • ELEVATE Others Retreat

  • Integration Phase II (3 sessions)

  • ELEVATE Community

Your Profile

Leadership Mindset

Leaders seeking to elevate their capabilities in guiding themselves, individuals, teams, and broader groups towards peak performance. This transformative journey is designed for people who aim to cultivate not only effectiveness but also a holistic and sustainable approach to leadership excellence.


Experienced Managers and Directors

  • General Leadership Experience: Leadership role, overseen one or more teams.

  • Average Years of Experience:
    10 to 15 years.

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Programme Design and Admission

Participants receive a certificate of participation from the University.

Participants to create a personal written reflection on:

  • a past, present or potentially future leadership challenge
  • a current challenge to one’s own personal resilience level
  • an individual intention for this journey ahead

Participants fill out a personal intrinsic motivation profile

Participants are strongly advised to seek out a mentor (within and/or outside their own company). A person to guide the learning experience from the very start, supporting them to embed learnings into the long term.

Your Academic Faculty & Hosts

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Your Executive Faculty and Mentors

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hsg linie schwarz

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I am gladly available for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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Sarah Lenz Head of Operational Excellence Open Programmes

Why University of St.Gallen

The HSG - your partner for first-class executive education in Switzerland

At the University of St. Gallen (HSG), you can choose from one of the largest executive education portfolios in the German speaking region – the right programme for your needs and career objectives. The renowned quality and practical relevance of the learning experience convinces more than 6000 participants per year. Profit from an Executive Degree from St.Gallen – the best business school in the German-speaking world – and get ahead in your career!

  • For high-quality teaching and executive training by top researchers

  • For competent executives

  • For Lifelong Learning

  • For international collaborations

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